​你別無選擇/You Have No Choice  

( Chinese / English ) version 

published by University of Nanjing publisher. 2017 

Translator: Nicolas Groffman 


迷戀咒 /Lost in fascination 

 大塊文化出版股份有限公司 台灣 / A novel published by "Locus Publishers" Taiwan.  2013

迷戀咒 / Lost in fascination

中國作家出版社。北京。2011 / A novel published by "Writers Publishers" Beijing China 2011

你別無選擇 / You have no Choice 

中國作家出版社。“1949-2009 共和國作家文集” / selection of novel & novellas. 

[1949-2009 people republic of china writers selection] . published by "Writers Publishers" Beijing China 2009

口紅集 / The lipstick talk 

中國作家出版社 / A collection of essays. Writers Publishers. Beijing China 2009

女貞湯 /Female purity soup 

​中國作家出版社。北京 / A novel published by "Writers Publishers" Beijing China 2009

大繼家的小故事 / La picolla storia della grande famiglia Ji  

 義大利譯文。義大利Einaudi 出版社。 Einaudi Publishers。譯者 : Translated by Maria Rita Masci。2009.

女貞湯 /La grande île des tortues-cochons. 

法譯文. 法國Seuil 出版社。 France. Les Editions du Seuil. 2006.

purity soup

你活著因為有同類 / Living on because there are others like you..

散文集,上海文匯出版社 /Essays (in Chinese). Shanghai. Wenhui Publishers. 2005

你別無選擇 / You Have No Choice 

上海文匯出版社 / Selection of a novel, novellas and stories (In Chinese). Shanghai. Wenhui Publishers. 2005

醉態 / Drunk on Images 

散文與音樂專輯合併出版。上海文匯出版社-劉素拉藝術工廠系列 / Essays in Chinese. A Liu Sola Art Factory Series. A music CD is included with the book. Shanghai Wenhui Publishers. 2004

女貞湯 / Female Purity Soup 

​長篇小說,海峽出版社 / A novel in Chinese. Haixia publishers. 2003

語音畫 /Language, music and art 

​散文與對話集 廣西藝術出版社 /A dialog and essays in Chinese. Guangxi art publishers. 2003

尋找歌王 /In Search of the King Of Singers 

小說集 「中國五十強作家系列」 時代出版社 / A selection of novel, novellas in Chinese titled "The Best 50 Chinese Writers Series". Shidai Publishers 2002

行走的劉索拉 /Liu Sola On the Move 

​對話採訪演講散文與音樂合集。崑崙出版社 / A selection of a dialog, interviews, lecture and essays about music (in Chinese). A music CD is included. Kunlun Publishers. 2001

大繼家的小故事 /Tales of the Ji Clan

長篇小說。二十世紀中國作家文庫。香港明報出版社 / "The 20-Century Chinese Writers Selection Series" (a novel in Chinese). Mingpao Publishers. Hong Kong 2000

伊甸園之夢 / A Dream of Eden 

小說散文集 河南出版社/Selection of novel, stories and essays (in Chinese). Henan Publishers. 1999

你別無選擇 / You Have No Choice 

日譯文小說集 日本新潮出版社 Selection of novella and stories in Japanese) translated by 新谷雅樹. Shinchosha Publishers. Japan. 1997

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

義大利譯文 義大利Edizioni Theoria 出版社。 A novel in Italian, 譯者:translated by Raffella Gallio. Edizioni Theoria Publishers, Italy. 1995

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

長篇小說英譯文。夏威夷大學出版社。A novel in English. 譯者 Translated by R. King. Hawaii。 University Press, USA. 1994

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

​中國華僑出版社 Selection of novel, novella, stories in Chinese. Overseas Chinese Publishers. China. 1994

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

​香港突破出版社。 Selection of a novel and novellas in Chinese. Breakthrough Publishers. Hong Kong. 1991

藍天綠海 /Blue Sky Green Sea 

​小說集。香港譯叢出版社. Selections of novellas and stories, in English. Chinese University Press. "Renditions". Hong Kong. 1992

你別無選擇 /You Have No Choice 

小說集。台灣新地出版社. Selection of 3 novellas and 3 stories in Chinese. Xindi Publishers. Taiwan. 1988

你別無選擇 / You Have No Choice 

​三部中篇集 中國作家出版社 Selection of 3 novellas in Chinese. Chinese Writers Publishers. China. 1986