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大繼家的小故事 / La picolla storia della grande famiglia Ji  

 義大利譯文。義大利Einaudi 出版社。 Einaudi Publishers。譯者 : Translated by Maria Rita Masci。2009.

女貞湯 /La grande île des tortues-cochons. 

法譯文. 法國Seuil 出版社。 France. Les Editions du Seuil. 2006.

你別無選擇 / You Have No Choice 

日譯文小說集 日本新潮出版社 Selection of novella and stories in Japanese) translated by 新谷雅樹. Shinchosha Publishers. Japan. 1997

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

義大利譯文 義大利Edizioni Theoria 出版社。 A novel in Italian, 譯者:translated by Raffella Gallio. Edizioni Theoria Publishers, Italy. 1995

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

長篇小說英譯文。夏威夷大學出版社。A novel in English. 譯者 Translated by R. King. Hawaii。 University Press, USA. 1994

混屯加哩咯愣 /Chaos and All That 

​中國華僑出版社 Selection of novel, novella, stories in Chinese. Overseas Chinese Publishers. China. 1994

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