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In 1997, with the help of celebrated New York artist, director, and playwright Sister Joanna Chen, Liu Sola founded the Sola & Friends band, collaborating with top jazz musicians such as Amina C. Myers, Fernando Saunders, and Pheeroan aKlaff. In 1999, she went back to China with her musicians for Beijing Jazz Festival, a live recording of this groundbreaking concert, [Sola & Friends], was released in 2000. 


In September 2000, she returned to China again and founded the New Folk Big Band, the first ever Chinese folk/jazz fusion big band. The debut concert was a revelation to the Chinese and international audience, as it represented the first successful attempt to create a new Chinese improvisatory music. In 2003, with support from HKW Germany, she founded the Liu Sola & Friends ensemble, made up mainly of top Chinese instrumental soloists, to perform her compositions. 


Over the last few years, Liu Sola & Friends ensemble has become a highlight group for many major festivals around the world. The ensemble also has performed Liu Sola's compositions for modern dance, film soundtracks, albums and operas such as Liu Sola’s chamber opera [Fantasy of the Red Queen], together with Ensemble Modern.


From 2012 -2015, with new members joining in, such as guitarist Liu Yijun (aka. Lao Wu of Tang Dynasty), and percussionist Gert Mortensen, the ensemble appeared in China for many major events. The virtuoso performances and the unique music style attracted many young Chinese people. 


Over the last 10 years, Liu Sola taught her classically trained ensemble musicians to do improvisation. In early 2013, she started a pioneering program, the Liu Sola & Friends Ensemble Film Soundtrack Workshop. Working together with independent Chinese film directors, the innovative program aims to help musicians develop the ability to improvise more creatively on film soundtracks.

[劉索拉與朋友們]樂隊 簡介:




它的前身是1997年在紐約成立 sola&friends,樂隊由不同國籍的著名獨奏音樂家們自願組合而成。原成員有:紐約著名爵士鋼琴家Amina C. Myers, 著名貝司演奏家、製作人 Fernando Sounders, 著名鼓手Pheeroan aKlaff 等著名爵士搖滾音樂家及特邀的民族音樂家。 






樂隊多次與世界著名樂團及藝術大師合作演出。諸如,與德國[現代室內樂團](Ensemble Modern)共同演出了劉索拉創作的大型現代室內歌劇《驚夢》 ;以及與非洲koffi koko舞蹈團,中國獲獎舞劇[覺],以及美國著名爵士音樂家的合作等。樂隊也經常參與劉索拉的電影音樂錄音。



The musicians who have performed with this ensemble since 1997 -

自從1997年以來參與過此樂隊演出的音樂家們 -

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